Living Green garden show brings Winnipeg green thumbs together

As the spring melt hits Manitoba, gardening enthusiasts gathered at Red River Exhibition Place to get their planting season started.

Living Green wrapped up Sunday afternoon. The three-day event featured local gardening vendors, expert guest speakers, and other plant-related programming.

“It’s looking like spring, everyone’s coming in and getting their seeds and starting them indoors,” said Stephanie Guerra. marketing manager at T & T Seeds. “It’s looking great so far.”

Guest speakers at the event covered topics such as composting, growing seedlings, and gardening for birds. 

Dozens of vendors lined the exhibition hall, including Little Greenhouse That Could, which sells indoor vertical farming systems. Owner Trina Semenchuk said vertical farming can help localize your food supply.

“It can grow basil, chives, Swiss char, you can grow lettuce,” she said. “So we’re just out here trying to educate people about vertical farming, and get our systems into their hands.”

Semenchuk sells two types of growing units: a small counter-top herb garden, and the larger “harvest today” wall, which can virtually eliminate trips to the grocery store.

Guerra said she was selling a lot of cucumber and tomato seeds. ‘Everybody plants tomatoes, I would say. Rookies and seasoned gardeners. If you can grow a good tomato, you can grow pretty much anything.”

She added that anyone looking to get into gardening should take it slow.

“Just be laid back about it. Expect failures, never be discouraged,” said Guerra. “Keep trying, every year will be different.”

The next major event coming up at Red River Exhibition Place is the popular craft show Third and Bird, happening Apr. 21-23, 2023.

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