Long-term seasonal patio program approved in Winnipeg

A popular pandemic program in Winnipeg has now become a permanent one.

City council has approved a long-term seasonal patio program.

The measure will enable the city to continue offering season patio registration to businesses without incurring any administrative fees.

Since May 2020, the city has offered the temporary program to local businesses, opening registration biannually.

“We’re already known for our beautiful summers and we have an opportunity to be known as a patio city,” said Mayor Scott Gillingham.

The mayor noted the temporary program was an important tool in supporting businesses coming out of the pandemic, and that offering it permanently will provide predictability going forward.

Operating the program free of charge will cost the city around $110,000 per year.

The city is now accepting registration for the summer season, which will allow businesses to operate temporary patio spaces from April 1 through October 31. Previous registrations will not carry forward.

Forty-one local businesses registered for the temporary program in 2023.

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