‘Making a positive difference’: Annual book sale supporting Winnipeg Public Library

Around 1,800 people passed through the St. James Civic Centre this weekend to take part in the annual book sale organized by the Friends of the Winnipeg Public Library (FWPL).

Visitors were able to pick up some gently used books, CDs, movies and records and participate in a blowout sale that saw small bags filled with books sell for $10.

“We’ve had great success here,” said Dominique Wightman, the vice-president of the FWPL board of directors.

Proceeds from the event are expected to go towards programming and initiatives put on by the Winnipeg Public Library.

“Public libraries are a very important part of civic health and civic engagement,” Wightman said. “This brings together a community of book lovers – it’s more than just a fundraiser.

“It definitely raises awareness for the importance of libraries.”

Wightman said the event also provides people with an opportunity to buy good-quality products for a decent price.

Money raised from the book sale will help improve libraries across the city, which includes building reading areas for children. It will also fund community events hosted by the public library.

“Every single person who came here today is making a positive difference for our community,” Wightman said.

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