Malnourished dog found in remote community now in foster care

A malnourished dog, who was found with sores and scratches all over his body in a remote Manitoba community, is now in foster care.

The Manitoba Underdogs Rescue (MUR) said Nobel, a ten-year-old American bulldog mix, was found chained to an old doghouse surrounded by feces and garbage. The rescue organization said the pup was emaciated to the point that his ribs, spine and hip bones were visible. Along with scratches and open sores, Nobel was found covered in dirt with a gash below his eye, raw skin and patchy and coarse fur

MUR learned from Nobel’s past owners that he had been used as a bait dog in dog fighting.

Nobel was then put in MUR’s care after they offered to get him veterinary treatment.

“Nobel is one of the worst cases of animal abuse and neglect that I’ve seen in a long time,” said MUR executive director Jessica Hansen in a news release.

“Once we returned to Winnipeg that evening, our veterinarian at Winnipeg Animal Emergency Hospital scored Nobel a 1.5 out of 9 on the Body Condition Scale. This means his ribs, spine and hip bones are visible from a distance, he had no discernible body fat and an obvious loss of muscle mass. He also had infections in both ears, had skin lesions and pressure sores, and was determined to be not healthy enough to receive vaccinations.”

Nobel is currently being looked after by a foster family until he’s strong enough to find a permanent home.

“Nobel isn’t unique. He may be an extreme case, but the number of unwanted, mistreated, and stray animals in Manitoba is alarming. With winter fast approaching we’re struggling to pay down our vet bills and mobilize to save as many as we can,” says Hansen.

“Nobel wouldn’t have survived the winter without our intervention and knowing how many more like him are out there keeps me awake at night.”

MUR is seeking donations to help Nobel and other dogs in need find homes. Donations can be given through MUR’s website