Man allegedly under influence of methamphetamine runs away barefoot: Winnipeg police

WINNIPEG — Winnipeg police said a man tried to disarm an officer while being arrested during a wellbeing check Thursday evening, before allegedly running away barefoot in an attempt to escape arrest.

Officers responded to a wellbeing call in the 1500 block of Lincoln Avenue, after receiving a 911 call that a woman was being held hostage by an adult family member who was under the influence of methamphetamine.

When police arrived, they found there was no hostage incident taking place, but an adult man was in the home acting erratically and displaying signs of methamphetamine use. Officers said the man also had several outstanding warrants.

According to police, when they attempted to arrest the suspect and place him in handcuffs, the man became combative and tried to remove a conductive energy weapon from an officer’s holster, but was not successful.

Police used a conductive energy weapon to try and gain control of the man and put him in handcuffs, but it was not successful and the man escaped the house and ran outside.

The man allegedly attempted to steal an unlocked police cruiser at the scene, but was not successful, and then ran away from the area bare foot despite the cold temperatures.

The man was located and arrested in the 1400 block of Selkirk Avenue. He also received a medical evaluation as his erratic behaviour continued, police said.

William Richard Woodhouse, 30, has been charged with disarming a peace officer, resisting a peace officer, escaping lawful custody, theft of a motor vehicle, and three counts of failure to comply with conditions of his release. He also had five warrants related to breaching court orders and failing to attend court.

Woodhouse was detained in custody, and the charges against him have not been tested in court. 

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