Manitoba announces funding for personal care homes

WINNIPEG — The Manitoba government has announced funding for healthcare projects across the province.

Cameron Friesen, the Minister of Health, Seniors and Active Living, made the announcement on Monday, noting the investment totals $358 million.

“Our government is undertaking the most significant transformation to the Manitoba health-care system in 40 years,” said Friesen in a statement. “These investments continue with that generational change, creating an impact that will not just be felt today, but decades from now.”

Of the funding announced from the province, $280 million has been set aside for safety upgrades at personal care homes. The funding, the province said, will be used to ensure the facilities are in line with the province’s recently revised fire code requirements.

The announcement also included funding for digital health initiatives.

In a statement, Uzoma Asagwara, the NDP’s critic for Health, Seniors and Active Living, said the province has a track record of making announcements, but not following through.

“We know real investments are needed in PCH today – and that should start with a firm commitment to hiring more staff including nurses and aides, to help meet the needs of some of our most vulnerable Manitobans living in personal care homes,” Asagwara said in a statement.