Manitoba could soon end ban of growing recreational cannabis at home

People in Manitoba could soon be able to grow recreational cannabis in their homes.

Federal rules allow for up to four homegrown marijuana plants. But in Manitoba, provincial laws prohibit the practice for recreation purposes.

Now the Kinew government is expected to introduce legislative changes to lift the ban.

Jesse Lavoie has been challenging the current law in court. He lost in the Court of King’s Bench where a judge ruled Manitoba had the power to bar home cultivation. Lavoie has appealed that decision, but is pleased he may not have to fight this anymore.

“I’ll be very proud,” said Lavoie. “I’ll grow four very large cannabis plants and will happily enjoy the fruit of that harvest.”

The former PC government said the ban was necessary to protect the health and safety of youth and children, and that permitting up to four plants would be difficult to police. Even if the restriction is loosened, this may only apply to homeowners as some believe landlords and condo boards would still have the right to say no as they do in other provinces. 

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