Manitoba expecting more rain that could lead to overland flooding

Parts of southwest and southeast Manitoba have been added to an overland flood warning as more rain is scheduled to hit the province on Friday.

In the province’s latest flood bulletin, this warning joins one that is already in place for southern and central Manitoba. A flood warning was also issued for Dauphin Lake Wednesday.

This newest warning comes as the province expects more rain this weekend, after there was already 20 to 40 millimetres of rain earlier in the week.

“Forecasters are monitoring a system expected to arrive tomorrow that could bring an additional 20 to 40 mm over three days, with much of it arriving on Friday. Some localized areas could receive more than 40 mm,” the province said in the bulletin.

A warning is issued when there is a high probability of overland flooding based on forecasted precipitation, according to the province.

Officials say there continues to be flooding in the Interlake, Red River Valley and other parts of central and southern Manitoba and several communities are also dealing with high water levels.

“Flood warnings remain in place for most parts of the Red River north of Emerson (except Winnipeg), the Pembina, Morris and Little Morris rivers, the Shannon and Netley creeks, Fisher and Icelandic rivers, the Assiniboine River from the Shellmouth Dam to Brandon, Birdtail Creek, the Whiteshell lakes area, and the Whitemouth and Birch rivers.”

The province added the Red River Floodway as well as the Portage Diversion continue to operate so water levels can be lowered in Winnipeg.

Water was flowing in the floodway channel at around 42,000 cubic feet per second (cfs) while the floodway inlet is seeing flows around 82,000 cfs.

More flood information in Manitoba can be found on the province’s website. 

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