Manitoba joins calls for fairness over carbon tax

Manitoba is joining other provinces looking for fairness over the carbon tax.

This comes after the Trudeau government announced a tax pause on home heating oil, mainly for those living in Atlantic Canada.

Now, other provinces, including Manitoba, are calling for breaks on things like natural gas.


With winter arriving early in Manitoba, the heat is on in Ray Antymis’ house, and like other homeowners he’s charged the federal carbon tax on his natural gas bill.

“We just pay it like most people I guess,” Antymis said.

He said he has no problem paying to fight pollution as long as everyone is treated equally

“It should be fair for all the provinces,” he said.

Now, the question of fairness is being raised across the country.

Last week, the federal government announced it’s exempting the carbon tax on home heating oil for three years, mainly impacting Atlantic Canada.

This week Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said there will be no more exceptions.

“There will absolutely not be any other carve outs or suspensions of the price on pollution,” Trudeau said.

Other provinces are crying foul.

Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe is threatening to stop collecting the tax in the new year unless there are carve outs for things like natural gas in other provinces. .

“Really what this is, it’s about fairness for families, for Canadian families regardless of where you live,” Moe said.

Manitoba Finance Minister Adrien Sala told the Canadian Press that Manitobans are facing affordability challenges and deserve fairness when it comes to the carbon tax.

Sala said the province wants to have collaborative discussions with Ottawa to see what relief Manitoba can get if other provinces are getting benefits.

Premier Wab Kinew said he’ll be asking the federal government for financial help with geothermal retrofits.

“I hope to be able to bring in some benefits here in Manitoba that will help you save money on your home heating bill,” Kinew said.

Antymis said some fairness would sure help those struggling to get by.

“People that are maybe just starting out, younger people, it’s going to be a bit harder, young families, what have you,” he said.

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation is calling on federal NDP MPs in Manitoba to demand relief from the carbon tax.

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