Manitoba modelling shows COVID-19 cases dropping through summer, severe outcomes remain high

WINNIPEG — New modelling data released by the province shows daily COVID-19 tests are dropping and will continue to drop through the summer, but severe outcomes will remain high for the next few weeks.

Manitoba public health released the modelling data on Friday, giving Manitobans a glimpse at what their summer may look like.

The data – which has projections to the end of September – shows Manitoba’s current daily COVID-19 cases are under the moderate scenario and decreasing.

Manitoba Modelling Data June 11 2021

“This indicates the restrictions have been in place, and the adherence to those restrictions by the public helped reduce the spread of the virus in Manitoba – this is why we have been able to begin easing restrictions and begin charting a path to reopening,” Dr. Jazz Atwal, the deputy chief provincial health officer, said on Friday.

“Our case numbers are headed in a good direction, and our vaccination rates are increasing, but we continue to see strain on our health-care system, and we continue to transfer patients out of the province for care.”

Manitoba Modelling Data June 11 2021

Atwal said despite case numbers coming down in Manitoba, a high number of severe outcomes will continue over the next weeks as case counts and test positivity rates are still high.

“Severe outcomes tend to occur one to two weeks after diagnosis,” Atwal said.

You can see the full modelling data here:

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