Manitoba singer hoping to bring holiday joy with new Christmas song

WINNIPEG — A singer-songwriter from Manitoba’s Opaskwayak Cree Nation has written a new Christmas song that she hopes will evoke happy childhood memories

Rhonda Head, who is also the fundraising coordinator for the First Nation, wrote her new song ‘Christmas Time is Coming’ in 15 minutes while lying on her couch.

“I just started writing and this song came to me really fast,” she said.

Head said she was inspired to write the song after spending time with her nephew’s children and memories from her childhood Christmases came flooding back. She said she remembers Christmas as being a happy and exciting time, filled with snow, gift giving and joy.

She noted that when she played the final product for the kids, they immediately began to dance.

“I thought ‘Oh, this is perfect,’ because children tell the truth on everything,” she said. 

“They absolutely loved it. I knew it was going to be a hit when the final product came out.”


When people listen to ‘Christmas Time is Coming,’ Head hopes it brings them joy, especially since so many people are struggling during the pandemic.

“I know a lot of families are going through hard times and some of them have lost loved ones and a lot of our communities are on lockdown right now, including my own community of Opaskwayak,” she said.

She added she also hopes it brings back people’s childhood memories, as the song did for her.

“It brings back nice childhood memories and I just hope people really enjoy it and it brings some happiness to them,” Head said.

The song, which was co-written by producer Arthur Pingrey, was released on Dec. 12.

‘Christmas Time is Coming’ can be found on all digital platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and YouTube.

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