Moose on the loose in Oakville, Man.

Two moose were on the loose in Oakville, Man. on Friday.

The pair was spotted roaming around the community in the afternoon.

Ashley Tully, a teacher at Oakville Elementary School, said she first heard about the visitors when her phone started ringing around lunchtime.

“I saw a message come in – ‘there’s a moose in town,’” said Tullly. “So my two friends and I went driving around to look for it and we couldn’t find it….and then all of a sudden someone’s like, ‘it’s in the school yard!’ So we ran outside, and I ran fast because they can move fast.”

Tully said the teachers were buzzing with excitement at the sight of the pair, which she believes were “definitely younger.”

The sighting happened to coincide with a report card writing day at school, so no students were officially on-site in a learning capacity.

Still, that didn’t stop some from coming by for a wildlife encounter.

“Of course being in a small community, lots of our students were in the yard, watching the same thing we were watching, but then the teacher mode goes in. ‘Be careful! Stay away! They’re kind of dangerous’ as I’m going closer and closer,” said Tully.

Had school been in session, Tully said the student body would have had to shelter in place, which would have prevented the teachers from getting a bird’s eye view of the action.

“It was exciting. You know, my heart was racing and kind of thinking ‘this is super cool,’” said Tully.

Moose seen in Oakville, Man. on April 12. 2024 (Hali Butler)

According to the teacher, the moose eventually went on their merry way.

“At one point, I think it was stuck in someone’s backyard, and it just made its way to our big field over here, and finally started moving out of town.”

Tully says the memorable encounter is going to provide the perfect fodder for a teachable moment.

“We already have teachers saying, ’I know my journal prompt for Monday; Why was the moose at school?”

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