Mosquitoes being kept at bay despite excessive rain in Winnipeg

Ever since spring sprung in Winnipeg, it has been full of rain.

In the city’s past, with the arrival of rain has come the arrival of mosquitoes – but, so far this season, that hasn’t happened.

The latest information from the city’s website shows the daily average for mosquito trap count is zero.

Taz Stuart is an entomologist and said we can’t just assume standing water equals more mosquitoes. He said there are a number of environmental and weather-related factors that impact the insects.

“It’s all dependent on if you actually get enough mosquitoes out there feeding on, not just humans, other animals as well. They lay their eggs. It’s going to take anywhere from seven to 14 to 21 days and we are having a very cool spring so it will take longer for that to happen,” said Stuart.

“So it’s important that people realize that in your backyard is where you want to get rid of those standing water sites.”

Stuart recommends people treat standing water areas by covering them, filling them in or dumping them. He added any water site can potentially be a larval development site.

With summer just around the corner, Stuart said we could still see different summer breeds start to pop up, but again he noted it depends on how hot it gets and how much more rain is set to fall.

When the little insects do appear, Stuart recommends people stay protected by using bug spray, wearing mosquito resistant clothing, not going out in peak mosquito hours—dusk and dawn—and using other types of products that repel mosquitoes.

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