NDP calls on Liberals to support searches of residential school sites

The NDP is calling on Liberals to support searches of residential school sites.

In a press release from the party, Deputy Critic for Indigenous Services, Niki Ashton, says communities, such as Pimicikamak Cree Nation, which are trying to conduct their own searches need federal funding.

“The funding intended to support this critical work is set to end by 2025. We call on the Liberals to renew this essential funding in the next federal budget,” said Ashton.

The NDP says First Nations leaders and the International Commission on Missing Persons have pledged support for the initiative.

The party says the “lack of support” by the Liberal government for Pimicikamak Cree Nation is slowing down searches at sites in the region, something it’s been “ready to move forward with” for multiple years.

“These searches must happen for the sake of truth and justice,” said Ashton.

In a press conference PCN’s Chief, David Monias, said it’s important for the federal government to not lose sight of what is ultimately at stake.

“There’s missing and murdered children. All we want to do is designate and protect the crime scenes, and treat them as crime scenes. And you know, we also announced it hasn’t stopped yet. We have murdered missing women and men. You know, we just want to make sure do not cap the funding, or place time limits, in what we’re trying to do. Work together. Help us assist us. Do not be the obstacle,” said Monias.

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