Nearly 180,000 potholes filled in Winnipeg to date, almost double 2023

The City of Winnipeg is close to having filled 200,000 potholes in 2024, more than any previous year dating back to 2020.

According to the latest numbers from the city, 179,620 potholes have been filled in 2024, with 13,378 being done since June 21.

This far surpasses 2023 numbers when just over 98,000 were filled. 2022 was a busier year with almost 135,000 potholes being fixed.

The total repairs combined in 2020 and 2021 – 77,932 and 56,883 – are more than 40,000 fewer compared to 2024’s numbers.

A spokesperson for the city said the jump in potholes is mainly due to the rain Winnipeg has seen over the last three months – noting it is about five times more rain than last year.

More details to come.

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