New report wants changes to classifying dangerous dogs; proposes allowing urban chicken flocks

The city is looking at changing how it deals with dangerous dogs.

A new report proposes changes to the Responsible Pet Ownership by-law.

The report suggests the city would do away with a ban on certain breeds and instead it would focus on the animal’s behaviour.

Dogs deemed dangerous would be banned from dog daycares and off-leash areas and if the owner doesn’t comply with all rules, the dog could be taken away or euthanized.

The owner could also face fines up to $500.

A new category would also be created to give people a chance to prove they’re responsible dog owners.

The “At Risk” category would be used before a dog is designated as dangerous.

Also included in the report is a push for urban chicken keeping.

It wants council to approve a two-year pilot project which would start next spring.

People would be allowed to have a small flock of hens as part of a food sustainability initiative.

This is a practice that is already allowed in several Canadian cities.

At the end of the pilot project, by-law changes could be recommended.

The report is set to go before a city committee next week.

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