No funnel clouds reported as tornado warning lifts: Environment Canada

Manitobans were on the lookout for tornado activity Thursday, but the system resulted instead in hail and strong winds, no funnel clouds.

Environment and Climate Change Canada issued the warning Thursday for areas of southern Manitoba.

However after an evening waiting potential funnel clouds, none were reported. ECCC said there were reports of golf ball-sized hail in Brandon, Man and winds upward of 90 kilometres per hour in the Poplarfield, Man. region. The government agency heard other reports of loonie-sized hail in other spots.

Additionally, there was lightning activity and minimal rain in the storm’s path.

The system moved through the southeast and left the province at Falcon Lake around midnight.

Some people in the area posted on social media they saw funnel clouds, especially in the Letellier, Man. area, but Environment Canada said they were scud clouds.

These are wispy or raggedy-looking clouds, usually at the front of a storm, that look like funnel clouds.