Noise complaints may lead to eviction for Winnipeg family of boy living with autism

A Winnipeg family is facing eviction from their second floor apartment unit in south Winnipeg as noise complaints have been filed against them.

The family admits there is noise coming from their suite; however, it’s from their four-year-old son who lives with autism.

“He’s very, very loving. He’s very affectionate. He always wants hugs,” said Dylan Cusson, talking about his son Maverick.

Cusson said Maverick has been diagnosed with level three autism spectrum disorder and is non-verbal.

He said one way his son likes to express himself is by jumping.

“He likes jumping from high places. That’s the big thing. He likes to jump from high places, he likes to make noise.”

However, this has resulted in two letters from the building’s management company. The letters warn numerous complaints have been received and a failure to stop the noise will result in the termination of their lease.

“I was nervous that I was going to get evicted and thrown out before Christmas,” Cusson said.

Inclusion Winnipeg said it previously helped a family that went through a similar struggle. In that case, an accommodation was made.

“That involved her moving to another unit so there was just one common wall,” said Janet Forbes, the executive director of Inclusion Winnipeg. “Then we assisted them to find some funding that would pay for soundproofing that existing wall and then they were able to stay there.”

The organization said while tenants can be evicted for noise concerns, landlords are required to adhere to the Human Rights code.

“There is a difference between the inconvenience of loud noises versus homelessness,” said Marie-Lynn Hamilton, the director of advocacy for Inclusion Winnipeg.

Cusson doesn’t want to take the chance of becoming homeless. He said he is looking for a new place for his family, so they don’t get an eviction on their record.

CTV News Winnipeg reached out to the management company and has not heard back.

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