Officers won’t be charged in alleged impaired driving incident: police watchdog

Two members of the RCMP will not be charged in connection with a drinking and driving complaint, which included allegations of them having done “donuts” on the highway, according to the Independent Investigation Unit of Manitoba.

After completing an investigation the IIU determined there was not enough evidence to charge the two men, or to determine if they had even driven.

In July 2017, RCMP management received a report that two off-duty officers went to a party and drank alcohol at an RCMP member’s home in Whitemouth. They then drove their own cars while speeding and did donuts on Highway 44, the report alleged.

No one was hurt, but the IIU civilian director thought it was in the public interest to investigate.

This alleged incident took place on June 30, but the incident was not reported to police until July 6. The IIU was not notified until August 2017.

The IIU interviewed 11 witnesses who were at the party, but couldn’t find any other witnesses or relevant video.

In his investigation, IIU civilian director Zane Tessler said that the delay in reporting made it difficult to gather evidence. He noted that they could not determine how much either officer drank, how much alcohol was still in their system when they drove or whether or not the two men had driven at all.

The details of this investigation were initially announced on Aug. 15, 2017.