Overland flood watch issued for Winnipeg, eastern Manitoba

The provincial government has issued an overland flood watch for the city of Winnipeg and parts of eastern Manitoba.

Manitoba Transportation and Infrastructure’s Hydrologic Forecast Centre said that recent warm temperatures have begun causing surface run-off in most southern and central Manitoba basins.

The centre has issued an overland flood watch for eastern Manitoba, including Winnipeg and areas east of Provincial Trunk Highway 75. The watch will be in effect for 36 hours, beginning Apr. 14 at midnight.

“These areas could receive up to 20 millimetres of rain/snow tomorrow,” said a flood update sent out on Thursday. “The precipitation would fall on extremely saturated and partially frozen ground, which could create overland flooding in these areas.”

Water levels are expected to increase in the next few days as the ice on Manitoba’s lakes, rivers and creeks melt. Manitobans are reminded to keep off the ice, as conditions can change rapidly without warning.

Community dikes and individual flood protection works in the Red River basin have been built above expected flood levels, and should protect properties in the region.

The Red River Floodway is also expected to reduce water levels within Winnipeg, and gate operations at the Portage Reservoir and Diversion are being tested Friday.

The province’s flood forecast continues to remain consistent with the spring outlook issued last month, which indicated a major flood risk for the Red River between Emerson and the Red River Floodway.

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