Plan to boost salaries of RM’s mayor and council draws criticism

A new bylaw in the works in Gimli could substantially boost the salaries of the RM’s mayor and council – a move that is drawing mixed reviews from residents.

The bylaw outlines several changes to the wages and expenses for Gimli’s mayor and council. It was first read at a meeting on Feb. 15, and has since received criticism from some of the town’s residents.

“Money-wise, percentage, I guess it’s not a lot but everything is going up and most of the people are retired and none of the government pensions are going up,” said Bruce Dixon who lives in Gimli.

If passed, the bylaw would increase the mayor’s salary from around $25,000 to $36,000. The deputy mayor’s salary would see a boost from $10,000 to $30,500 a year.

Councillors would also get a pay jump, receiving $30,000 instead of $20,000.

Daily meal per diems would be boosted from $60 a day to $100 a day.

The bylaw also increases the daily indemnity for councillors by $50 and raises the hourly indemnity to $31 an hour.

“I think it’s reasonable. They expanded their territory, they have more to do,” said Dave Lecocq, who also lives in Gimli.

CTV News reached out to Gimli Mayor Kevin Chudd. He declined an interview but said he will address the bylaw later this week.

The bylaw will be back before Gimli council next week. 

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