Police chase stolen fire truck through Winnipeg; one person in custody

WINNIPEG — A person was taken into custody in connection with the theft of a fire truck Friday afternoon, a spokesperson for police said after social media reports surfaced from people who spotted it being driven around town.

At this point police have few details to provide, saying the theft was initially reported in the area of Henderson Highway and Bronx Avenue.

They said the person was taken into custody just before 12:50 on Assinboine Avenue.

A fire truck with front-end damage can be seen on Assiniboine, under the Midtown Bridge. The tire on the front of the passenger side is gone, and two other tires appear to be flat.

Police have shut down the street between Hargrave and Donald in both directions and said they will provide more information to media shortly.

CTV News has reached out to the City of Winnipeg for more details.

Witnesses have described what they saw on Twitter:

This is a developing story. More details to come. With files from CTV’s Scott Andersson.