Police search for suspect in Winnipeg shooting as fourth victim confirmed dead

Winnipeg police have confirmed a fourth person is dead after a shooting on Langside Street over the weekend. Investigators have yet to make an arrest but say the suspect is considered dangerous.

The incident unfolded Sunday morning in the 100 block of Langside Street. Two people were pronounced dead at the scene – a man and a woman – and three people were taken to hospital in critical condition.

Police confirmed Monday that two of the other victims have since died – a man and a woman. Winnipeg Police Service (WPS) Insp. Jennifer McKinnon said the man died shortly after arriving to hospital while the woman died Sunday evening.

A 55-year-old man remains in hospital in critical condition.

Police released the identity of the four people killed in the shooting. They include sisters Crystal Shannon Beardy, 34, and Stephanie Amanda Beardy 33, as well as 29-year-old Melelek Leseri Lesikel and 41-year-old Dylan Maxwell Lavallee.

“Lake St. Martin has lost two members of their community. They are mourning the loss of sisters Crystal and Stephanie. We’ve reached out to the family and leadership to offer community support,” said McKinnon.

She added officers have also been able to get in contact with the Lesikel’s family in Kenya and the United States, as well as Lavallee’s family in Winnipeg.

Police said the homicide unit continues to investigate.

WPS Chief Danny Smyth said police will do everything they can to figure out why this happened and who was involved.

“We know homicides investigations that have multiple victims cause great concern and cause fear in the community. Our members will focus on identifying and apprehending the suspect responsible for the crime,” said Smyth.

While he noted he understands why people would be concerned, he wanted to remind the public that most people in Winnipeg live in communities that don’t deal with violent crime.

“There are some neighbourhoods in our city that require additional help and right now, I think, West Broadway is one of those neighbourhoods right now, or at least part of West Broadway needs a little attention,” he said.

Smyth said there will be a police presence in the Langside area for most of the week.

“This is a dangerous offender in my view, and we must do everything that we can to identify that person and take them into custody.”

He confirmed that all victims and the building where the shooting happened were all previously known to police.

Both Smyth and McKinnon said police are looking for any tips from the public, such as video surveillance or other information.

“Historically, we know that tips and information from the public have helped us identify suspects and solve crimes,” said Smyth.

– With files from CTV’s Alexandra Holyk

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