Project delays at Westview School force students to temporarily move to different school

WINNIPEG — The classrooms and hallways at Westview School in Transcona will be empty for the start of the school year.

Staff and students will be heading to Radisson School instead.

According to a letter from the River East Transcona School Division sent to parents and guardians on Wednesday, Westview School is undergoing a 4.7 million dollar upgrade, which includes a complete air ventilation upgrade.

The letter said the project’s completion is delayed because of issues with the air exchange system, and the building will not be ready for the first day of classes next week.

Instead, the River East Transcona School Division has decided to move all Westview School students and staff to Radisson School until the upgrade project is complete.

“It is important to us that all students and staff can learn and work in a safe environment,” the letter said.

The letter states Radisson is the “ideal choice” for the temporary relocation because the school has the capacity to accommodate all Westview staff and students.

The letter said the two schools will function as separate bodies within one building and assured parents, “Your school community will remain intact.”

The school division is hosting a virtual parent information night on Sept. 7, 2021, regarding the change.

The school division anticipates Westview School will reopen in January. 

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