Province passing law to break long-term lease with vacant building

The Pallister government is passing a new law to break a long-term lease with owners of a building that once housed at-risk Indigenous youth.

The legislation tabled by Finance Minister Scott Fielding terminates the lease at 800 Adele Ave. in Winnipeg as of Nov. 30.

The proposed law also prevents any compensation or damages to anyone involved in the deal.

The owners of the building tell CTV News the 20-year lease still has about ten years left.

The contract was signed between the owners and the First Nations of Southern Manitoba Child and Family Services Authority.

The owners say the monthly rent is around $36,000 or $20 per square foot. They also say they spent $1.5 million converting the facility for the southern authority.

The province says the full cost of the lease is $9.4 million.

It says the residential portion of the building was never fully occupied.

The building is currently vacant.