Quebec man arrested for erratic driving in Manitoba now charged with human trafficking: RCMP

Officers with the Manitoba RCMP have charged a Quebec man with human trafficking more than a year after they arrested him for erratic driving.

RCMP first began to investigate the suspect on Jan. 19, 2021, when Headingley officers received a call about an erratic driver travelling north on the Perimeter Highway. Officers eventually stopped the car one kilometre west of Highway 7.

Mounties said when they made contact with the people in the car, it appeared a physical “altercation” had taken place between the driver and a female passenger, which resulted in police arresting the driver.

While being arrested, police said the driver was “combative” and resisted arrest. They noted that he also provided an incorrect name once he was in custody.

Once police determined the man’s real name, they learned he had a number of warrants for his arrest from Quebec and Ontario. Mounties then searched the car and found a number of weapons.

Manitoba RCMP’s major crimes services began to investigate, partnering with police agencies in other provinces.

Jean Francois D’Asti-Brideau, 26, from Quebec was charged with numerous offences including possession of a prohibited weapon, identity fraud, and several Highway Traffic Act offences.

About a year and a half later, on June 21, 2022, the Manitoba RCMP re-arrested and charged D’Asti-Brideau with human trafficking.

Officers allege that their investigation determined the female passenger who was inside the car when they stopped D’Asti-Brideau in January 2021 was a victim of human trafficking who was being brought to Quebec.

The suspect was arrested in Kamloops and has been charged with trafficking in persons, possession of material benefitting from sexual services, and procuring to provide sexual services. None of the charges against D’Asti-Brideau in both incidents have been proven in court.

He remains in custody and was brought to Winnipeg.

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