Report from province claims ‘broken culture’ in city’s planning and development system

A review done by the Pallister government into planning and development in Manitoba is highly critical of the City of Winnipeg.

A 200-page report says after consulting with 50 people, including developers and builders, the province says it heard the city has a “…broken culture and system which has resulted in significant anger and frustration.”

Based on feedback the report says development fees are too high, permits and paperwork face “historic delays,” building inspectors are “vindictive” and people are scared to speak out over a fear of retribution from the city.

Later in the report, the stalled Parker Lands project and a lack of development on the old stadium site are listed as examples of lost opportunities.

The review contains several quotes from unnamed people with no verification if the statements are true.

There is also no mention of allegations against Winnipeg building inspectors accused of doing personal activities during work hours.

The report contains no recommendations as they will be prepared following future consultations.

Since Premier Brian Pallister announced the review, Mayor Brian Bowman has expressed concerns the entire study is political in nature.

The city and province have been embroiled in a funding dispute for months.