Report on future of Arlington Street Bridge experiencing delays

It’s going to be a little longer before City of Winnipeg officials have a chance to look at potential options for the future of the Arlington Street Bridge.

That’s because a consultant is developing options for the bridge, which internal stakeholders were scheduled to discuss in February. However, this hasn’t happened yet as the city is still analyzing the options with the railway and working on interim bridge maintenance.

The spokesperson added that this is not expected to impact the overall timeline, noting that the recommendations are expected to be completed by June and will be brought before city council in the fall.

“I’d like to have information as soon as possible, but I’d rather have complete information than get a report that’s too early,” said Mayor Scott Gillingham.

“I, like everyone else in Winnipeg, am looking forward to finding out about what the consultant’s report will say.”

This $850,000 assessment is to determine if a new bridge is warranted, if cheaper upgrades can be done to extend its lifespan, or if the bridge should be removed and the nearest crossing widened.

In November 2023, CTV News Winnipeg reported that the city shut down the bridge indefinitely, citing safety concerns.

– With files from CTV’s Jeff Keele.

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