School division in Manitoba banning cell phones

One school division in Manitoba is banning cellphones from the classroom.

Late last month, the Hanover School Division announced that it is implementing a “cell phone-free learning environment” at all K-8 schools beginning in September.

Exceptions will be made for students with medical needs and other extenuating circumstances.

The division says this new policy comes following a successful pilot project at Stonybrook Middle School. It notes the change is aimed at creating a “culture of attentiveness, active participation, and respectful interaction among students and teachers.”

Students in Grades 9-12 will continue to follow school-specific expectations on cell phone use. High school teachers can allow or restrict the use of cell phones in their classrooms.

The division notes that it has no immediate plans to implement the cell phone ban at its high schools. However, based on the effectiveness of the policy at K-8 schools, it will consider adjustments at the high school level.

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