Sentencing hearing begins for man who fatally stabbed Winnipeg foster home manager

WINNIPEG — Prosecutors say a man who stabbed a Winnipeg foster home manager to death should not be eligible for parole for at least 18 years.

Kane Moar, 23, was found guilty by a jury last September of second-degree murder for the death of Ricardo Hibi.

The sentence carries an automatic life sentence with parole eligibility set between 10 and 25 years.

During an emotional sentencing hearing on Wednesday, the Crown detailed Moar’s lengthy criminal past including a conviction for robbery.

Court heard Moar, a gang member, was deemed, “a high risk to reoffend violently.”

Moar, while on parole and facing charges related to a death inside Stony Mountain Institution, went to a foster home on McGee Street in December 2018.

Hibi would not let Moar in, and that is when the Crown says Moar stabbed Hibi three times, puncturing his heart.

Court heard Moar fled with the knife and was arrested three weeks later wearing the same jacket the night he stabbed Hibi.

Several victim impact statements were read in court submitted by family and friends.

Hibi’s fiancée Candace Woloshyn told the court the two were set to marry in August 2019, and that they have an eight-year-old son together.

She told the court she has to pick up the broken pieces created by Moar.

“Ever since his death, life has been unimaginably devastating,” said Woloshyn

Court heard Moar grew up in an abusive household filled with alcohol, drugs, and violence.

Moar’s lawyers pointed out none of the jury members recommended more than the ten-year minimum for parole eligibility, urging the judge to stick to that time period.

Court heard seven jurors made no recommendation and four suggested keeping it at ten.

One juror was excused for COVID-19 purposes.

The judge reserved the decision to another date.

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