Skunks takeover Winnipeg school, forcing students to learn elsewhere

Students at a Winnipeg elementary school were forced to abandon their classrooms thanks to an ‘uncomfortable smell’ left behind by some skunks.

Students and staff members at Stevenson-Britannia School have been moved to different locations throughout the community after skunks made their way into a crawl space in the school.

“The smell of skunk was worse today upon arrival as there are some challenges eradicating the animal (s),” a letter posted on the door of the school said.

“As a result, for students who arrived at school today, we will relocate classes until the conditions improve.”

Students have been learning in make-shift classrooms at Bord-Aire Community Club, Discovery Children’s Centre and the Library and two extra classrooms at Linwood School.

It’s noted in the letter that there are no toxins in the skunks’ spray, but the smell is “uncomfortable for most.”

The school is anticipating the situation will improve Friday and families will be updated on the situation. It is an in-service day on Friday, meaning the students don’t have school.

CTV News Winnipeg has reached out to the St. James-Assiniboia School Division for more details.

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