Stella’s Café and Bakery terminate Vice-president

Stella’s Café and Bakery has let Vice-President Grant Anderson go, following an investigation.

On Wednesday Stella’s Café and Bakery made a formal announcement, saying that although the investigation continues, there was enough evidence to finalize the release of Anderson.

On November 12, Grant Anderson and Brad Burrows were put on temporary leave pending an investigation into hundreds of complaints against the chain that had been reported online

The claims surfaced just under a month ago on an Instagram account #Notmystellas. The group was created by a group of current and former employees to draw attention to what posters described as a toxic work environment at the Manitoba restaurant chain. The account gained the support of thousands, putting pressure of the chain to make changes.


The allegations prompted Stella’s owners Tore Sohlberg and Lehla Abreder to hire People First HR Services to review the complaints.


The review into complaints is on-going