Student trios race to climb 14-ton ‘Rock of Remembrance’ and University of Winnipeg

The 48th Annual Duckworth Great Rock Climb took place under a sunny sky Monday.

The race features teams of three who race down the front lawn and scale the giant 14-ton granite “Rock of Remembrance” on the front lawn of the University of Winnipeg campus.

University of Winnipeg athletic director, Dave Crook, says it’s about tradition and speed.

“It goes back in tradition. The rock was put on campus in the late 60s. Dr. Duckworth, who was the president at the time, instituted the rock climb. It’s a great event, the record is 9.6 seconds set in 1979,” said Crooks.

The record will stand for a 49th year: Monday’s winning time was 24.40 seconds.