Tall, green, and handsome: City in search of perfect Christmas tree

We may still be more than two months away from Christmas, but the City of Winnipeg is starting its search for the perfect Christmas tree.

The city is looking for a large spruce tree for this year’s city hall Christmas tree display and is asking Winnipeg homeowners to get in touch if they are interested in offering theirs up.

The city said it has received several tips about potential candidate trees already this year, but none have met the criteria. 

In order to make the cut, the city said the spruce tree must be:

-located in the front yard of a property with direct access to the tree and not adjacent to overhead utilities; 

-Twelve to 15 metres tall (approximately 40 to 50 feet); and

-fully symmetrical with a single trunk and no brown needles.

The city’s Urban Forestry Branch is in charge of selecting the tree best suited for the job. 

The donor of the selected tree doesn’t receive compensation, however the city said crews remove the tree at no cost to the homeowner, clean up the debris, and remove the stump to approximately two inches below ground level. 

If you think your tree is the right fit, contact 311