The April Fool’s Day pranks Manitoba businesses participated in

Social media users beware – Today is April Fools’ Day and some of your favourite accounts may be getting in on the foolery.

This includes some Manitoba businesses and organizations, who are pranking their followers using drones, the Barbie craze and a candy-coated burger.

The following is a list of some local businesses getting in on the April Fools’ Day fun:

1. Nuburger – The burger restaurant posted that it’s created the ‘Wonka Burger,’ that includes Manitoba beef, Nerds aioli, cotton candy, gummy works and smarties. The burger also has Cheetos, pretzels and whipped cream and donuts for buns. On Instagram, Nuburger jokingly calls it the ‘most delicious and nutritious’ burger it’s created. 

2. Sweet Impressions – The bakery posted that it was coming out with a new cupcake flavour – nacho cheese. It said the new creation would feature a cheddar cheese flavoured cupcake, topped with a buttercream swirled with nacho cheese, and filled with pure nacho cheese. Sweet Impressions were quick to follow-up that the cheese creation was simply a prank. 

3. Downtown Winnipeg BIZ – For April Fools’ Day, Downtown Winnipeg BIZ is saying, ‘Hi Barbie!’ The organization posted to social media that it is partnering with Mattel to create pink, Barbie-themed uniforms that include sparkles and fringe. 

4. Little Brown Jug – The brewery posted that it’s selling mini-cans for today only. However, if you look at the link to purchase one of these tiny beverages, the prank is revealed. 

5. Meals on Wheels – The organization posted to social media that it’s going to start using drones as a means for delivery, even using a picture of a drone with a delivery box. However, it was quick to say that this is only an April Fools’ joke and that its incredible volunteers will continue to make deliveries. 

6. Charlee’s Restaurant and Lounge – As an April Fools’ Day joke, the restaurant announced that it is coming out with a food truck that only serves slow roasted beef in gravy. 

7. The City of Selkirk –  The city announced it would be converting its iconic water tower into the world’s largest bird bath after the structure was damaged by a lightning strike last year. The city said it was a prank, but encouraged people to donate to wildlife stewardship organizations in the province.

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