The Forks says ‘so long’ to skating season

The Forks is saying ‘so long’ to skating for the season.

On Monday, The Forks announced that the Winnipeg 150 Park is closed for the year with daytime temperatures above 0 and the spring equinox coming up soon.

The Winnipeg 150 Winter Park opened on Dec. 22, and when fully open included the canopy rink, CN Stage rink and over one kilometre of on-land trails.

This news comes more than three weeks after the Nestaweya River Trail closed on Feb. 17.

CTV News Winnipeg previously reported that the popular trail was only open for two short stints this year – from Jan. 25 to 30 and Feb. 13 to 17. This marks the shortest river trail season ever, excluding the winter of 2020, when it didn’t open at all.

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