These Fisher-Price toys pose a choking risk for children. More than 11K were sold in Canada

Health Canada issued recalls for various items this week, including figure toys, chargers, and plates.

Fisher-Price toys

Fisher-Price Little People Mickey & Friends figure packs were recalled by Health Canada on Thursday due to choking hazards for children.

The health department said only the heads of the Donald Duck and Daisy Duck figures can separate during use, which poses a choking risk.

The figure pack has a model number of HPJ88 and can be found on the base of the Goofy figure according to the recall.

The recall said the Donald Duck figure wears a blue shirt with thin yellow stripes, a blue and black hat, and a red bow tie, while Daisy Duck wears a light purple shirt, turquoise necklace and bracelet, pink shoes, and a pink hair bow. The figures stand about seven centimetres tall.

The company sold more than 11,000 in Canada from June 2023 to February 2024.

The company received no reports of detached figures or injuries in Canada as of March 21.

In the U.S., three reports of detached Daisy or Donald Duck figures were reported.

Health Canada urges customers to stop using the figures and contact Mattel for a refund.


Health Canada issued a recall Monday for Tan Star Trade USB-C 30W power charger adapter due to an electric shock hazard.

The item has a model number of PD30W found on the charger’s underside.

The company reported seven adapters sold within one month between January and February 2024.

The company has received no reports of incidents or injuries in Canada as of Feb. 20.

Health Canada advised anyone who purchased the adapters to stop using them and contact Tan Star Trade for a refund.

ADS USB wall chargers were also recalled on Wednesday due to electric shock and fire hazards.

The items include a Dual USB and USB-C wall charger and a 3mAh fast wall charger in white or black with Universal Produce Codes 777476015196 and 037553484124.

The company said 3,600 chargers were sold in Canada between May 2021 and February 2024.

There have been no reports of injuries or incidents in Canada as of Feb. 29.

Health Canada said consumers should stop and dispose of the chargers or return them for a refund.  


Health Canada issued a recall Thursday for lilac-coloured Elin dessert plates due to possible cadmium exposure.

The recall said the plates, sold by Anthropologie, contain cadmium — a chemical element similar to zinc and mercury metals — in excess levels.

According to the recall, “Cadmium is highly toxic, especially to children.”

Side health effects include anemia, vomiting, diarrhea, serious brain injury and more.

The recall only applies to the lilac plates with orange mushroom, mot, and fern drawings. The plates are 21 centimetres in diameter and have scalloped edges.

The company said 229 plates were sold in Canada from June 2022 to February 2024. As of March 21, no injuries or incidents had been reported.

For a full refund, customers can return the product, Health Canada said, or dispose of the plates.

The recall said the company is contacting all online purchasers by email.  

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