Those found outside of designated areas of Kildonan Park may be fined: City

WINNIPEG — The city is reminding the public to stay out of Kildonan Park until tree and branch cleanup is complete.

CTV News received a tip that some people were using access routes to the recently re-opened Prairie’s Edge restaurant within the park’s boundaries, to enter other parts of the park.

Except for the restaurant, its parking lot and an access route leading to it, the remainder of the park is closed to all visitors.

Signs are posted to this effect at both park entrances.

Concrete barriers are in place to control vehicle traffic, but some pedestrians have been found in restricted zones.

The city says until the cleanup of hazardous trees and branches is finished and the park is officially reopened, anyone found accessing other parts of the park, except for the designated restaurant area will be considered to be trespassing and may be subject to penalties under the Parks By-Law.