Train derailment causes road closures in Winnipeg

The Winnipeg Police Service received a call about the multi-car derailment at the McPhillips overpass just before 7:47 a.m. on Friday.

Northbound and southbound McPhillips Street is closed between Logan Avenue and Jarvis Avenue. It is unknown how long the roads will be closed, but the closures could last throughout the day.

“Individuals should be prepared on their way home if they’re going to be impacted by this, to maybe plan an alternate route,” said Patrol Sgt. Jay Murray.

“Then, depending on the damage that’s left behind, there could be closures longer than that.”

Murray said police are still working to determine what’s inside the rail cars, but don’t believe there’s anything hazardous.

He added there are also some structural concerns to the bridge where the train derailed.

“We’re going to need some patience here. We ask for the patience from the public just while we sort through this and make sure everything is safely resolved,” Murray said.

CTV News Winnipeg will provide updates as they become available.

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