Transcona residents want city to reconsider ‘illogical’ plan for sidewalk

Construction is just a part of life in new developments. But one particular project is upsetting some Transcona residents.

It isn’t the noise — they’re concerned about a sidewalk slated to be installed in front of their homes on El Tassi Drive.

“Slicing right through the center of your driveway,” said Anish Rathore. “Cutting across 20 homes? This is illogical.”

Residents say the sidewalk is roughly one car length away from their homes.

“I have a truck that as it stands I won’t be able to park, because it will be in violation of being too close to the sidewalk, and or potentially blocking it,” said Lyndsey Hucko.

Residents said they were especially upset because they had no idea the sidewalk was going in until work began.

“This was not disclosed to us, that this was happening,” said Leslyn Pinder.

According to area councillor Russ Wyatt, the sidewalk is not a new development in the development.

“The sidewalk had always been planned. A bike path in this case had been planned there, and was downgraded to a sidewalk.”

The city tells CTV News the sidewalk construction project, an amendment to the original plan, was approved by city council on Oct. 25, 2017. The developer says the plan for a path along the section of El Tassi has always been made public.

“The problem is you don’t have a real visual until the house is built,” said Donna Thordarson from Waterside Development Corp. “So then your house is built, your driveway is poured, and along comes the second phase of the development which is either the path, or the sidewalk.”

Which will go on city owned land, but not for months thanks to the appearance of cool temperatures.

“It will give residents an opportunity to revisit the whole sidewalk issue,” said Thordarson.

Residents have asked the city to do just that. And Donna Thordarson says Waterside Development Corp. would be happy to meet with the city to make a change in the development agreement.

CTV News asked the city if it will reconsider the decision to put in this sidewalk in light of the opposition from area residents.

In a statement, the city said, “All developments are approved through a public hearing at the appropriate community committee, which deals with local issues.”

“The servicing conditions between the city and the developer have since been approved by council and there is no right to appeal at this stage,” the statement read.