Two fires within two hours in Waverley West re-highlight need for another fire station: Union

The Winnipeg Fire Paramedic service extinguished two fires within two hours in the Waverley West area early Sunday morning.

The first fire broke out shortly after midnight in two vacant storage structures in the 300 block of Cadboro Road.

“Upon arrival on scene, crews encountered heavy flames and smoke coming from the structures,” said the City of Winnipeg in a press release.

The city said an offensive attack was launched, with crews using water tankers to shuttle water to the location which falls outside of the City of Winnipeg water district.

While the fire was declared under control at 12:40 a.m., the city said one structure was significantly damaged and the second is believed to be a complete loss.

Crews completed a search of the structures and no occupants were found. No injuries were reported.

Reports of the second fire came shortly before 1:30 a.m. on Eaglewood Drive.

“Upon arrival, crews encountered smoke coming from two construction site trailers. The fire was very quickly brought under control. No injuries were reported,” the city said.

The cause of both fires is under investigation. No damage estimates are available at this time.

‘Needing a station’: UFFW

Meanwhile, Winnipeg’s union representing firefighters is re-highlighting the need for a fire station in the Waverly West area after the two fires.

Kelsey French is a spokesperson with United Fire Fighters of Winnipeg. He said the fires broke out within the span of an hour of each other.

“We’re needing a station in this area,” he said.

French said fires in the area can require having to pull crews from other parts of the city.

“Drivers don’t know the streets as well and response times can be an issue because of familiarity,” he said.

French said initially there weren’t any working fire hydrants on Cadboro Road but that didn’t contribute to the loss of the structure.

“There was water flowing the whole time but it takes more resources when you are using a tanker,” he said.

The union also said Waverley West is the size of Manitoba’s second largest city and it has no fire hall, adding the area has a community club being built but no fire hall.

“Where is the priorities,” said French in a text message to CTV News.

“We are calling on the Mayor and Council to immediately start building a new fire hall before any tragedy occurs,” said French.

CTV News has reached out to the city about the latest on the need for a fire station in the area and is awaiting a reply.