Two major parties yet to release full platform ahead of provincial election

WINNIPEG – With less than two weeks left in the Manitoba election campaign, two of the major parties have yet to release their full platforms.

The Progressive Conservatives and Liberals have been making promises, but have yet to spell out how much they would cost in total and how they would be paid for.

Tory Leader Brian Pallister says he will reveal a full, costed platform on Tuesday.

Liberal Leader Dougald Lamont had previously not committed to releasing a costed platform.

But he now says he will produce one at some point before election day.

The NDP has released a costed platform, but the Tories say it doesn’t account for all the New Democrat promises.

The NDP platform says major improvements to the health care system could be paid for with about 40 million dollars a year — less then one per cent of the health budget.

The NDP have also promised to lift a public-sector wage freeze that the Tory government imposed, although the platform does not specify any cost for that measure.