Two semis involved in Friday morning perimeter crash

Two semi drivers are recovering after a three-vehicle crash on the Perimeter highway Friday morning.

RCMP say they were called around 6:20 a.m. to the northbound lanes of the Perimeter at Portage Avenue where investigators say a semi had jackknifed earlier in the morning.

A tow truck was parked behind the semi to warn oncoming drivers of the lane closure. The driver of the tow truck was also advising motorists to change lanes with an illuminated wand. A second tow truck was at the front to assist with moving the semi.

A second semi truck driving northbound then collided with the rear tow truck. The collision pushed both the northbound semi and the rear tow truck into the jackknifed semi truck. 

The tow truck driver directing traffic saw the oncoming semi and managed to get out of the way without injury.

The drivers of both semis were injured in the crash and taken to hospital in stable condition.

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