‘We don’t engage in time travel’: Winnipeg mayor warns about text message scam

The mayor of Winnipeg is warning people about a text message scam involving speeding violations.

In a post on social media, Mayor Scott Gillingham is reminding residents that the city doesn’t send speeding violations by text. He also noted that they don’t “engage in time travel either,” pointing out that the text message states the driving infraction took place on a date that is several days in the future.

Gillingham posted an image of the text message, which said that a traffic radar had caught someone speeding and asked that they click on a link for more information.

In a public service announcement, Const. Dani McKinnon with the Winnipeg Police Service said they’ve received several reports of this scam.

She said you should not click the link if you receive a text message like this.

“This is completely a scam,” she said. “We have not done a radar ticket for you and just know the city never issues a speeding violation by text message.”

McKinnon added that you should also delete the text and block the sender.

E-transfer scam

During the public service announcement, McKinnon said police are also receiving reports about phone e-transfer notifications.

She explained that this involves people receiving emails that a buyer is willing to transfer money electronically.

“It’s a fake notification and it’s asking you to put in your financial institution and your financial information,” she said.

“Do not do this. Never, ever put in your financial institution or any personal information.”

McKinnon said providing this information allows the fraudsters to get into your account and steal funds.

To prevent this from happening, she recommends using auto-deposit – though this does not mitigate all risks. McKinnon also suggests that if you are doing business with someone you don’t know, it’s best to meet up at a safe site and exchange cash.

Anyone who has been the victim of fraud is asked to contact police and make an online report. 

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