What the province’s newest health orders mean for Manitobans

WINNIPEG — Manitoba took another step toward a post-COVID world Saturday as the latest round of health orders are now in play.

At 12:01 a.m. on Saturday, the newest health orders came into effect and with them restrictions are being significantly loosened.

Here is a breakdown of the orders and what they mean for Manitobans:


As part of the new orders Manitobans will be able to invite more people over to their house. The orders allow for five people to gather inside at private residences, plus the people already living at the home.

For those who are looking for backyard events, the limit has been pushed up to 25 people.

In public spaces, 25 people can gather indoors, while 150 can come together in outdoor public areas.


If people are looking to get out of the house, shopping might be a good option as retail businesses are now allowed a capacity of 50 per cent or up to 500 people. Masks will still be required and social distancing is still being recommended.

Restaurants are also able to set their capacity at 50 per cent with the new orders. If people want to have a bite to eat on the patio, the seating limit will be eight per table while, for indoor dining, everyone at the table must be from the same household or all fully vaccinated.

Restaurants are also allowed to be open until midnight and food will not be required to buy a drink. VLTs will also be available to play.


For kids in the province or those who partake in extracurricular activities, more options will also be available with the new health orders.

Dance, theatre and music schools can have a capacity of 50 per cent and group sizes have been bumped up to 25.

Day camps will also have group sizes increased to 25 people.

Outdoor sports games and practices can also take place with up to 50 people and others will be allowed to watch as well, which won’t count toward the total capacity.

Those looking to go to the gym will see the capacity is now 50 per cent, masks and physical distancing will still be required.


If Manitobans are fully vaccinated, the province has offered some incentives to those people. Movie theatres are being opened up to those with two doses, plus the two weeks after their second dose.

The same is happening at bingo halls, VLT lounges and casinos, as well as museums and galleries.

Manitobans will need to present their vaccine passport before attending these facilities and health measures must be followed.

Fully vaccinated Manitobans will also be able to buy tickets to Winnipeg Blue Bomber games, as the stadium will be open at full capacity. The team’s first game at home is on Aug. 5.


Outdoor weddings and funerals will be able to take place outside with 150 people, while for indoor events the limit is set at 25 people.

Faith-based gatherings can increase capacity to 50 per cent or 150 people, however, masks and physical distancing are still required between households.

Libraries will also be opening up for Manitobans and they will have a capacity of 50 per cent or 150 people. The City of Winnipeg said it plans to have all libraries open by July 26.

The full list of health orders can be seen below.


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