Wheelchair bus freed after getting stuck in sink hole with seniors on board

A sinking feeling.

Belle McCann, 93, was on a wheelchair accessible Vital Transit bus late Wednesday afternoon heading to her daughter’s house.

Just a few doors away from her destination on Riverwood Avenue, the unexpected happened.

“I looked towards the driver and he had slowed down or stopped I don’t really recall, but then poof,” said McCann.

The poof — a sinkhole opening up, and the front of the bus fell in, temporarily stranding McCann and two other seniors on board.

Her daughter Bonnie was not home at the time and was contacted by another family member.

“I was scared, like my mom’s bus is in the road you know,” said Bonnie McCann.

Belle McCann and the others were safely helped off the bus. Looking back, the 93-year-old says it could have been a lot worse.

“The bus could have turned over, I could have got hurt. The worst of it was I got wet feet,” she said.

On Thursday afternoon the bus was pulled out of the sinkhole and driven away. Crews then came in and filled the hole with gravel.

The city did sewer work on the spot and filled the hole with gravel last December, prior to a permanent repair. The city suggests that gravel may have sunk due to the spring thaw. It says there’s a temporary fix being done and a permanent concrete solution will be in place in late May when the frost subsides.

Belle McCann says with the condition of this street and others, she’s relieved she’s not behind the wheel.

“When they fixed it last fall they did a poor job. I’m glad I’m not driving a car anymore,” said McCann.