Why parents should be cautious when sharing back-to-school pictures

With many parents sharing photos of their kids heading back to school, a safety expert warns that these pictures could contain sensitive information that should not be posted online.

Lindsay Lobb with the Canadian Centre for Child Protection said it’s normal for parents to want to capture special moments, but there are “inherent risks” when posting information on the Internet.

“You want to make sure that you are taking steps to make sure that your friend list [on social media] are people that you know in real life,” she said.

“Turning off things like geotagging features and then following the advice that we’re giving to young people.”

Lobb said that parents need to be aware of the personal information they post online, adding that it’s important to consider your children’s privacy.

“Ultimately we are making decisions for them by posting that information on the Internet,” she said.

“So considering what we’re putting out there for other people to see, taking our own children’s privacy into account is really important.”

Lobb said choosing what you share online is a personal decision, but it’s best to ensure your privacy settings are set up so only people you know personally can see your posts.

She added it’s also wise to remove sensitive information from your posts, including your child’s birthday or any information that can be utilized in a way you wouldn’t want.

– With files from CTV’s Nicole Dube.

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