Winkler business fined $50K after hand crushed in workplace incident

A business based in Winkler, Man., has been fined $50,050 in connection with a crushing incident in 2016.

It happened on June 17 of that year, the province said, when workers at Convey-All Industries were cleaning rollers in a machine used to corrugate sheet metal.

While one worker was wiping the rollers with one hand and jogging them forward with a controller in his other hand, a second worker sprayed cleaning solution onto the rolls.

The province said that’s when the first worker’s gloved hand was pulled into the rollers, crushing and injuring it.

The company pleaded guilty to failing to develop safe work procedures for cleaning the equipment, a violation under the Workplace Safety and Health Act and Regulations, leading to the court-ordered financial penalty.

The province reminders employers to make sure workers have adequate training and workplaces are safe.