Winnipeg Humane Society decreases euthanasia rate by nearly 20 per cent

WINNIPEG — The Winnipeg Humane Society said it has decreased its euthanasia rate by nearly 20 per cent.

According to a news release from the organization, five years ago 29 per cent of incoming animals were euthanized due to illness, aggression or lack of space, but as of 2019, the rate has gone down to 11 per cent.

“One of the most misunderstood aspects of being a Humane Society is the fact that we do euthanize animals,” the Winnipeg Humane Society said.

“While sometimes a necessary measure, we do everything we can to find a second chance at life (live outcome) for the animals that come into the shelter, there are a lot of preconceived notions out there.

“This common but outdated misconception – that animals that come to the WHS will be automatically ‘put down’ – is still prevalent in our community.”

The organization said the reason for the decrease in the euthanasia rate is that it has implemented a ‘Capacity for Care’ model, which:

  • Manages intake to plan for incoming animals;
  • Uses the community’s help to care for lost and found animals;
  • Works with programs such as Care to Adopt, Care to Foster, Scaredy Cat Academy, and Barn Buddies/Warehouse Cats;
  • Tries to treat illnesses that were previously deemed untreatable; and
  • Extends the behaviour department to provide help to pet owners looking to avoid surrender.

The Winnipeg Humane Society said its last option is euthanasia and that live outcomes are its ultimate goal.