Winnipeg man holds surprise COVID-safe birthday for mother

WINNIPEG — It has been difficult for Manitobans to celebrate over the last year due to the pandemic, but COVID-19 didn’t stop one man from throwing his mother a surprise birthday.

Aaron Taylor’s mom Carol turned 76 on Sunday, and because of the current restrictions in place, her family couldn’t have a normal birthday.

So instead, Taylor threw a surprise car parade for her.

“I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, but I wanted to one up the surprise I had for her last year,” said Taylor.

He said the second his mom saw the vehicles, she broke out in tears.

Taylor added in a time when people haven’t been able to interact the same as before the pandemic, seeing others face-to-face is what is needed.

“I think everybody needs it,” he said. “Seeing face-to-face is the old-school way and it puts a smile on your face all the time.”

Taylor said his mom’s favourite part was playing her favourite song Caribbean Queen by Billy Ocean and several people blasted the song from their cars as they drove by.

Taylor hopes restrictions will be gone by the time his mother’s 77th birthday roles around and he knows he will have to one up this year’s surprise.

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